Bazaruto Fishing



A spectacular fishing holiday destination offering a wide variety of top species. Weather is always nearly perfect all year round. Calm warm Azure waters and protected anchorages at night it is very pleasing on a fishing trip.

This location we concentrate our fishing to reefs off San Sebastian Point and Northern Bazaruto. The vessel in just 10min from anchor up we are in open ocean through the estuary and fishing.

We can offer

Fly fishing ,Estuary fishing ,Popper fishing , Jigging fishing, Rock and surf fishing, Shark fishing


 Sailfish  Marlin  King Mackerel  Wahoo  Dorado
 Kawakawa  Bonito  Yellow Fin Tuna  Bonefish  Amber Jack

Vertical jigging from the boat is very rewarding. Jigging with light to medium tackle with buck tail jigs, drop shot or small metal jigs is a fine way to catch a wide variety of species including:

GT &Kingfish Species Rockcod Species Snappers
Queenfish King & Queen Mackerel Wahoo and many more

Deep vertical jigging with specialised tackle has produced a number of very large GT’s.

Casting large poppers or stick baits is what we do best from a drifting boat at the reefs or around schools of baitfish. Target your trophy GT’s and other game fish species.

Estuary Fishing: The estuary offers fine light tackle lure fishing, either from the side of the boat or from a drifting boat around the reef area. On a pushing tide the reef in the estuary attracts large shoals of baitfish which are in turn hunted by big king mackerel which enter the estuary in search of these shoals. We often take live bait with us .It is often very productive to catch live bait and put one out from the boat while catching more bait. Lures trolled in the estuary, especially the deeper channels towards the mouth area can also produce good game fish on the pushing tide. Species such as snapper, rock cod, Grunter and kingfish can be caught on small lures over the reef or on bait . Bonefish are abundant in this area and fly fisherman will be amazed at their size.

Surf Fishing: The Linene area is best known for its consistently good catches of large game fish and huge sharks from the beach. This is due to the close proximity of deep water to the surf line, and the strong currents coming in and out of the multiple estuary mouths. These currents carry a great deal of food and create favourable conditions for game fish within easy casting distance from the tidal line. What better way to enjoy catching fish whilst having a braai on the beach sipping a cold one with friends.

Species that can be expected to be caught from the beach at Linene include: Giant kingfish, King mackerel, Queen mackerel, Yellow Spotted Kingfish, Bludger, Black Tip Kingfish, Bluefin Kingfish, Big Eye Kingfish, Queenfish, Springer, Bonefish, Stump Nose, Spotted Grunter, Cock Grunter, Large Spot Pompano, Long Fin Pompano, Black/white Tip Shark, Zambezi Shark, Honeycomb Ray Etc. Concentrations of Kingfish are higher during summer, when spawning takes place. Large adults are solitary, smaller fish are often seen in groups, in the waves and estuary surrounding the resort.

The Lighthouse reef: The lighthouse reef is a good low tide fishing spot. Plugs and spoons and stickbaits can be thrown from the yacht at low tide, as well as over patches of reef to the South. This area is home to many big king fish, which will test your skills and tackle to their utmost. The deep channel directly in front of the reef is also a great spot for light tackle lure fishing or fly-fishing. This channel is roamed by various species of kingfish, spotted pompano, Queen-fish and Sail fish.


Charters are scheduled weekly. Please enquire for scheduled dates and availability. The duration of the charter can either be from 5 -10 nights. 


Call or email for updated prices.

Tackle to Bring

We can supply 4 x 50lb trawling rods and 2 x 80lb big game rods. All the leaders and lines and lures will be for you to bring. This area has such a diversity of fishing. We advise you to contact us for the tackle requirement list we have on this area to give you a heads up.
The vessel does have harness’s, butt extensions for 80lb stand up


December, January, February.



DAY 1- Arrive in Vilankulos Mozambique International airport. We will collect you and transfer you to the yacht. After we have you on-board you will be briefed and given a weather update and a cold beer the vessel will depart for Benguerra Island to prepare for some big game fishing.

DAY 2 – BENGUERRA ISLAND - Wake-up to coffee / tea and Full English Breakfast. Motor out to sea for Big Game fishing. Fishing northwards along Bazaruto island targeting Sailfish and Spanish mackerel anchoring at Paradise Island in the evening.

DAY 3 – In the Morning - set sail for Cuta high point, returning back South along Bazaruto to Lenine Island late afternoon.

DAY 4 – Early Breakfast- -Popper action, vertical jigging on high point and lighthouse. Return to Lenine.

Day 5 – Fish the estuary sand flats with surf rods-Tidal dependant. Afternoon fish the estuary.

Day 6 – Get live bait in the estuary –travel out to sea—live bait fishing, Shark fishing ,dogs or Amberjack fishing , vertical jigging mainly with trolling between the pinackles.

Day 7 – Last night fish Banque reef drop shotting and light tackle, vertical jigging moving North to Benguerra island to pack equipment away .We will overnight here and return to Vilankulos in the morning for your Airport transfer.


As Part of our menu Plan you will be offered on all our charters local Mozambique seafood dishes, Chicken and Fish dishes. Please advise if there is any special dietary requirement.




A spectacular diving holiday destination offering 2 mile,5 mile and hidden pinnacles of San Sebastian. Accommodating groups and families of up to six guests, the yacht live-aboard safari is a great way to get close to the Diving spots and retain luxury living conditions.

We will cater to 2 dives a day, possibly 3 dives limited to our compressor filling times. Night diving can be arranged at this destination .You are also welcome to fish and the vessel has gear you can use but you must bring your own lures.

The yacht is able to offer you the best anchorages and new locations on a daily basis making it a great way to view the entire area whilst we offer you great Diving Vacation. Whale diving during winter is our speciality. We get up to close to the breeding pairs on the reefs and out at sea and let you dive with them.


Charters are scheduled weekly. Please enquire for scheduled dates and availability.


Call for updated prices


Please note these destinations are not fixed, and the skipper might need to change locations due to weather, or tides.

DAY 1- - Arrive in Vilankulos either by car or by Air. We will meet you at the airport or at Donna Anna Hotel and transfer you to the yacht from this point. After a short Briefing we will depart to Bobs Bay Benguerra Island.

DAY 2 – 2 Mile Reef - Wake-up to coffee / tea and Full English Breakfast. Due to the multiple dive spots on this reef, you might decide to spend 2 days exploring this reef.

Two Mile is a barrier reef protecting a narrow channel between the high sand dunes on the south of Bazaruto Island and the long, white beaches of the North Point of Benguerra Island. The north tip of the reef is mid-way between the islands and runs southwards, parallel to Benguerra Island, approximately 4.5 kilometres east of its shore. The top of the reef protrudes from the sea at low tide, and slopes gently towards the east. It is well known for its excellent snorkelling sites inside the reef such as the Aquarium, as well as for a host of exciting dives on the seaward side. These dives sites have alluring names such as The Arches, Shark Point, North Point, The Boulders, Surgeon Rock, The Drop-off, Cathedral and The Gap.

The flat-topped reef is carved with exciting gullies, which curve out from the shallows towards the deeper areas and each bend in the gully gives the divers a feeling of anticipation of what's around the corner. The reef has a colourful diversity of hard and soft corals, anemone fish hide in their swaying homes and there are numerous schools of brightly coloured reef fish such as coachman, fusilier, snapper and surgeon. Schools of large pelagic and reef fish also frequent the area and you may encounter potato bass; kingfish; barracuda; guitar fish; devil, manta and honeycomb rays. Large moray eels lurk in their rocky hideouts and black tip reef sharks often put in an appearance. The wonderful whale sharks and numerous turtles are a welcome site to all divers. Shy dugongs are in the area and are sometimes seen from the boat, but count you extremely lucky to see one whilst diving. Two Mile is an excellent dive site for all levels of divers. In the months of July / August, dive with the whales.
On the voyage out we often sight dolphin or whales. The archipelago is home to bottle nose and humpback dolphin so look closely and see if you can identify which species they are. If we can we will dive with the Whales.

DAY 4 – LINENE (SAN SEBASTIAN) - Linene Reef lies east of San Sebastian point and north east of Linene Island. Here is where great shoals of pelagic fish merge with reef dwellers and divers are often met by a number of potato bass. The reef forms a ridge at 16m, running north west to south east, upon which the coral formations look like fairy castles inhabited by magically coloured wrasse, sea Goldie’s, Boxies, Angelfish and so much more.

DAY 5 – SAIL TO SANTA CAROLINA - Rise to coffee / tea and swim & breakfast. Depart after breakfast to Beluba and Bangue island.In the afternoon move to Margarouque island.

DAY 6 – Head for Santa Corolina on the inside of the islands - Rise to coffee / tea and breakfast along the way. Swim on the coral Marine reserve. Dive 12 mile reef.
DAY 7 - Rise to coffee / tea and breakfast the vessel departs for vnx and arrives at 10H00


  • Full use of Yacht
  • Marine park fees
  • Skipper and Crew
  • Transfers to / from Yacht and Airport
  • Full board accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Snorkelling and Equipment: Mask, Fins, and Snorkel
  • Use of hard- bottom motorized inflatable tender
  • Soft Drinks - 6 Cases Coke, 2 Cases Sprite, 4 Cases Bottled Water
  • Island visits
  • Fuel, water, and gas
  • Please refer to general information tab on our website for additional information
  • 6x Trolling Rods with 50LB line and 2x 80LB Big Game Rods and Reels


  • Flights, Visa’s and Travel Insurance
  • Accommodation whilst not on-board
  • Alcohol - All alcohol can be pre-ordered and paid for prior to departure. A 25% handling fee will be levied for the service. This alcohol is very limited to only what we can get from local suppliers in the port of the destination charter
  • Diving Equipment - Dive Compressor – Air Only (No Nitrox) (Certified Divers Only)
  • Diving Equipment - 10lt. Aluminum Dive Cylinders, Weight Belts and Weights (Certified Divers Only)
  • Personal Dive Gear – Wetsuits, Booties, Mask, Fins, BCD, and Regulators. \ DAN Insurance (Recommended)
  • Gratuities


As Part of our menu Plan you will be offered on all our charters local Mozambique seafood dishes, Chicken and Fish dishes. Please advise if there is any special dietary requirement.


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